28 Oct 2020


Ok before you read any further this is not a paleo perfect recipe, but I don’t want to be paleo perfect all the time, 95% is good enough for me, it gives me that tiny little window for something I now consider a decedent luxury!  I mean a tbsp of soft cream cheese I now see as a off grid moment is way better than falling face first in to a 14” all sweet BBQ meat and cheese double decedent stuffed crust pizza that takes me 3 days to eat, which I did every week until my health told me no more!  126lb lighter and loving my fresh is best paleo lifestyle six years on I have been able to allow that tiny indulgent moment and that’s the key it is only a indulgence and portion is the key to remaining successful.

Seared organic grass feed steak tossed in a philly cheese sauce with roasted peppers and onions served wrapped in garden grown rainbow chard, spinach and kale leaves.

(serves 2)

6oz fillet steak
1 glug coconut or olive oil
1red or green pepper sliced
1 white onion sliced
1 red onion sliced
2 heaped tbsp Philadelphia cheese
1 spring onion chopped
1 tbs chives chopped
2 large chard leaves
1 handful spinach leaves
2 kale leaves
Sea salt
Black pepper

Heat a skillet medium hot, meanwhile layer the chard with kale the spinach on top on your plates.  Rub the olive oil salt and pepper all over the steak and place on the skillet, sear for 2 minutes each side, turning only once and then holding with tongs sear each end for another 30 seconds, this will be rare, cook longer for medium, remove from the pan and leave to rest on the side.  Add the peppers and white onion to the pan and sear for a few minutes until charred but still a little crunchy.  Remove from the pan and reserve to one side.  Now add the Philadelphia cream cheese to the pan off the heat to warm through, stir in the spring onions and chives.

Now just to assemble the wraps, slice the steak and layer in the wraps, top with the warm Philadelphia cream cheese, seared peppers and onions, then finish of with the red onion and enjoy.

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